Supply Chain the card game

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Extraordinary cards

This page lists several cards that have extraordinary req or prod
and therefore need some explaining.
They are listed in alphabetical order by Card Code,
except all Special Offices are at the bottom.


Canning Company

The Canning Company is a business that makes either spam, tuna, or soda pop. It has only 2 requirements: Cans and just one of the following: Meat or Fish or Water.

DIN1 or DIN2


The Diner is a business that serves either meat or fish.
It has only 3 requirements: Dry Goods, Furniture, and either Meat or Fish. Note that some Diner versions have the optional requirement of Advertising which increases revenue by $50.


Derelict Property
Nuisance Property

The Nuisance Property is a Derelict Property with 4 Links. Whereas the other Derelict Properties only lock onto 1 adjacent property, the Nuisance Property can lock onto as many as 4 adjacent properties. However, like all Derelict Properties it does not link/lock onto contracts nor vehicles.



The Factory makes a variety of products. The Factory has only 1 req and only 1 prod. If the Factory is supplied with Steel then it will make either Tools or Cans. If Lumber then Furniture. If Leather then Shoes.

MTS1 or MTS2

Metal Supply Co.

The Metal Supply Co produces only 1 product, either Tools or Cans.


Office with Well

After bribing officials at the city water department we were able to get a well installed in this building. This office produces Water.


Office with Advertising

The building your office is in has a billboard on the side. This office produces Advertising.


Marine Office

Strange as it may be, this is an office in a boat. This card is both an office and a vehicle. It stops Revenue Routes because it is an office, and Derelict properties cannot attach to it because it is a vehicle.


Mobile Office

Just like today, people used to work out of their truck. This card is both an office and a vehicle. It stops Revenue Routes because it is an office, and Derelict properties cannot attach to it because it is a vehicle.


Office on Any Street

May be used in the end-of-game scoring of your Business Plan.


Rural Office

Driving into the city every day is a pain, so you put an office in one of the out building on your farm. This office produces Wheat/Grain.


Ocean Tour with Ads

The regular Ocean Tour has a req of Advertising. But since this business has such great billboard signage out front, it produces its own advertising. So this Ocean Tour has has 2 req and 2 prod. The 2 req are Boat and Beer. The 2 prod are money and Advertising.

SYD1 or SYD2

Stock Yards

The Stock Yards has 2 req and 2 prod. The 2 req are Livestock and Tools. The 2 prod are Meat and Leather.

Special Offices
Note: If you are unhappy with your special office, use it in a Swap action


Special Office - Large escrow

Normally a players hand limit is 7. After you place this special office your hand limit is 10.


Special Office - Rent extra space

Collect an extra $250 everytime you complete the Collect Revenue action after placing this special office.


Special Office - Revenue stream

Revenue Routes start at an office and continue until they dead end or come to another office, never collecting the prod revenue (if any) from that ending office. After this special office is placed, your Revenue Routes may pass through any and all offices and collect revenue (if any) from those offices.


Special Office - Finder's fee

Place this special office and collect $1,000 from the bank. This is a one-time occurrence.


Special Office - Micro manage

After this special office is placed you may perform the Reorganize action freely at any time. Even if it is your turn or not, and Reorganization does not take up one of your 2 actions per turn.


Special Office - Hit the ground running

Normally when you place a business you will only collect money from it when you do a separate Collect Revenue action. With this special office placed, you will collect revenue from a business when you place that business.


Special Office - Good earner

Link this special office directly to a business and now that business produces twice the amount of money when you collect revenue.


Special Office - Opens doors

This is a very special special office. When placed and linked to a property, all the links of this card become links of that property. Example: Your Stockyards only has 3 links. Link this special office to your stockyards and you go from 3 links to 5 total.


Special Office - Closed office

You do not place this special office. Before your first turn, and without using an action, simply reveal this card, then discard it, draw two more special offices, keep one, and discard the other.


Special Office - Contract covenant

When placed this special office acts as a wildcard contract. It supplies either Water, Wheat, Wood logs, Fish, or Iron Ore.


Special Office - Free permits

Place this special office and take one of the Listed Property cards for free. Advise: don't waste it on a $200 property. Go for one of the more expensive ones.


Special Office - Ready to move in

After this special office is placed, you make take a free place action immediately after you complete any purchase action.


Special Office - Schedule demolition

Once placed this special office removes any Derelict properties placed on you, and bars any further Derelict properties from being placed on you.


Special Office - Work from vehicle

This special office is any one vehicle type you need it to be. This card is both an office and a vehicle. It stops Revenue Routes because it is an office, and Derelict properties cannot attach to it because it is a vehicle.


Special Office - Adjoining property

Link this special office to one of your properties and it will have it's own VP equal to half of that linked property.


Special Office - Auctioneer

Place this special office and you may take a Buy-Sell-Trade action at any time. If two other players want to conduct that action, then ask for a small fee, and facilitate (intermediate) their buy-sell-trade for them, without them or you using an action.


Special Office - Starker exchange

When you do the Swap action, the card in your hand must cost more than the Listed Card you want. After placing this special office your hand card may be more, equal, or $100 less. So you could have a property card in your hand that you paid $200 for, and swap it for a $300 listed property card.

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